IN THE STUDIO: Currently recording our debut LP

The band evolved out of a remix that Dan Geller (Ruby Isle, I Am The World Trade Center) did of a song called "Discolite" by the Athens/NYC band Boulevard. The remix was released on 12” by Luminal Records and shortly thereafter, Boulevard split up. Meanwhile, Geller had been playing the remix at his weekly dance party at GO BAR in Athens, GA and the song had caught on with the late night crowd. Boulevard’s Benji Barton moved back to Athens and attended one of Geller’s dance parties. Upon encouragement of Brian Smith who was bartending that night, the remix got a spin. While the song played on, Smith, Barton and Geller fell into The Gold Party. Soon thereafter, Sethen Maleno took on the position as drummer in October of 2009 and has been a permanent addition ever since.